The Dynamics of Rotating Fluids Meeting 2009

Friday 9 January 2009

A meeting on the above theme will be held on Friday 9 January 2009 in Room 500 (5th floor of the Mathematics/Students Union building). The programme is as follows:

1.30pm Andrew Thompson (Cambridge)

'Jet formation and evolution in baroclinic turbulence with simple topography'

1.45pm Jean Reinaud (St Andrews) 

'The stability and the nonlinear evolution of QG hetons'

2.00pm Peter Davidson (Cambridge)

'Energy decay in rotating turbulence'

2.15pm Andrew Stewart (Oxford) 

'Multilayer shallow water equations on a non-traditional beta plane'

2.30pm William Townsend (Keele) 

'Singular focusing of sub-inertial internal waves on the non-traditional beta-plane'

2.45pm Vladimir Zeitlin (LMD, Paris) 

'Turbulence of inertial waves'

3.00pm Mark Brend (Warwick)

'Vortex rings in rotating systems'

3.15pm Tea
3.45pm Jonathan Healey (Keele) 

'Absolute instability of swirling jets: unsteady vortex breakdown?'

4.00pm Jonathan Gula (LMD, Paris) 

'Instabilities of two-layer shallow-water flows with vertical shear in the rotating annulus'

4.15pm Greg King (Lisbon) 

'Evidence for upscale energy transfer in the marine boundary layer from structure function analysis of QuikSCAT measured surface winds'

4.30pm Georgi Sutyrin (Rhode Island) 

'Balance breakdown and Ripa's conditions of stability'

4.45pm Chris Hughes (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory) 

'Suppression of ocean eddies by steep slopes'

5.00pm David Marshall (Oxford) 

'Topographic steering of mean flow and Rossby waves in the Southern Ocean'

5.15pm Close