The Dynamics of Rotating Fluids Meeting 2013

Friday 4 January 2013

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A meeting on the above theme will be held on Friday 4 January 2013 in Room 505 (5th floor of the Mathematics/Students Union building). The programme is as follows:

1.15pm Colin Cotter (Imperial)

Mimetic finite element methods for numerical weather prediction

1.35pm Boris Galperin (South Florida)

New developments in QNSE theory of turbulence in rotating fluids

1.55pm Inna Polichtchouk (Queen Mary)

Intercomparison of general circulation models for hot extrasolar planets

2.15pm Noe Lahaye (LMD)

Decaying vortex and wave turbulence in the rotating shallow water model, as follows from  high-resolution direct numerical simulations

2.35pm David Hughes (Leeds)

Large-scale dynamo action in rotating, sheared convection

3.00pm Tea/Coffee
3.30pm Roger Grimshaw (Loughborough)

Effect of rotation on shoaling internal solitary waves

3.50pm Peter Watson (Oxford)

How does the quasi-biennial oscillation affect the stratospheric polar vortex?

4.10pm Ted Johnson (UCL)

Rossby-adjustment in closed basins

4.30pm Onno Bokhove (Leeds)

Consistent numerical modelling of linear inertial waves

4.50pm Emma Warneford (Oxford)

Zonal turbulence driven by baroclinic instability in the thermal quasigeostrophic equations

5.10pm Close

Maps of the UCL site and surrounding area can be found at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/maps. All are welcome. Further details can be obtained by e-mailing Gavin Esler: j.esler AT ucl.ac.uk.
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Please click here to download the PDF version of this information