The Dynamics of Rotating Fluids Meeting 2015

Friday 9 January 2015

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A meeting on the above theme will be held on Friday 9 January 2015 in Room 505 (5th floor of the Mathematics/Students Union building). The programme is as follows:

11.20am Peter Read (Oxford)
Atmospheric circulation regimes in simplified numerical and laboratory models

11.40am Peter Davidson (Cambridge)
A cartoon of the geodynamo

12.00am Vladimir Zeitlin (LMD)
Instabilities of tropical cyclones and their saturation in the moist-convective rotating shallow water model




1.20pm Ashley Whitfield (UCL)
Wavepacket emergence in rotating internal waves

1.40pm Inna Polichtchouk (Reading)
Superrotation in Held & Suarez-like flows with weak surface temperature gradient

2.00pm Brad Marston (Brown)
Multiscale approach to the direct statistical simulation of geophysical flows

2.20pm Maarten Ambaum (Reading)
Storm tracks near marginal stability

2.40pm Chris Hughes (Liverpool and NOC)
The mean dynamic topography of the ocean - how well can we measure it?


3.00pm TEA / COFFEE


3.30pm Michael Patterson (Bristol)
Nonlinear flows driven by libration in a rotating half cone

3.50pm Paul Williams (Reading)
The dynamics of baroclinic zonal jets

4.10pm Peter Thomas (Warwick)
Laminar-turbulent boundary-layer transition over rough rotating disks

4.30pm Paul Griffiths (Birmingham)
Non-Newtonian rotating disk flow

4.50pm Ben Harvey (Reading)
The propagation of Rossby waves on a slightly smoothed PV front

5.10pm Close

Maps of the UCL site and surrounding area can be found at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/maps. All are welcome. Further details can be obtained by e-mailing Gavin Esler: j.g.esler AT ucl.ac.uk.
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Please click here to download the PDF version of this information