The Dynamics of Rotating Fluids Meeting 2012

Friday 6 January 2012

A meeting on the above theme will be held on Friday 6 January 2012 in Room 505 (5th floor of the Mathematics/Students Union building). The programme is as follows:

1.30pm Boris Galperin (South Florida)

QNSE theory of turbulence anisotropisation by solid body rotation

1.50pm Roger Grimshaw (Loughborough) 

The reduced Ostrovsky equation: breaking and integrability

2.10pm Emma Warneford (Oxford) 

Zonal jets on Jupiter as modelled by the quasigeostrophic limit of the thermal shallow water equations

2.30pm Ziv Kizner (Bar Ilan) 

Stability of point-vortex multipoles revisited

3.00pm Tea/Coffee
3.30pm Vladimir Zeitlin (LMD, Paris)

Inertial, baroclinic and barotropic intstabilities of the Bickley jet in 2-layer model

4.00pm Bob Kerr (Warwick)

Enhanced instability of vertical vortices in a stratified fluid

4.30pm Joss Matthewman (UCL)

The nonlinear self-tuning resonance theory of stratospheric sudden warmings

4.50pm Yury Stepanyants (Southern Queensland)

Adiabatic decay of internal solitons due to Earth's rotation within the framework of Gardner-Ostrovsky equation

5.10pm Close

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