Resources for Students


Unitu and Student Voice

There are a number of different ways you can make sure your voice is heard both in the department and across UCL. In Mathematics, we use Unitu to provide an online space where students can use to raise issues, ideas, concerns, or other matters for discussion with their peers, to their Academic Representatives and to the department. It provides a real-time discussion board for students to contribute, discuss, and vote on matters they wish to be escalated to the department for attention. For more information, please see the Student Voice webpage.

College and Departmental Libraries

College Library

The college has a substantial collection of Mathematics books in the library. The Mathematics section of the library is found on the 4th floor in the DMS Watson building, at the south end of college. It is worth getting to know about the facilities offered by UCL Library Services. 

You can also view a Library Subject Guide for Mathematics here. It contains help, information and links to all subject-specific library content, as well as contact details for further help.

Departmental library

There is also a small library of text-books in the department, available for borrowing, in Room 503. Access at the moment is by request only, by emailing math.ugteaching@ucl.ac.uk.

Books can be requested by speaking to an administrator via email. 

Computing Facilities

There are various workstation cluster rooms around college which are available for general student use. You will need to register during the college enrolment period to and receive a user ID and password. This will be needed to gain access to your UCL email account, and is required for MATH0010. 

Departmental Office, Past Exam Papers and Photocopying

Departmental Office and past exam papers

The Mathematics Department Office is Room 610, where the administrative team can help with general queries. Past exam papers can be found using the UCL Library Electronic Exam Papers Serivce. Module leaders may also provide past exam questions using specific module Moodle pages. 


There is a central photocopying service at the South Junction, as well as photocopying services in the main and DMS Watson Library, and spread across the UCL campus. Please see the UCL Print Services webpages for more information. 

Staff Student Consultative Committee

This is a committee made up of representatives from the undergraduate and taught postgraduate students (chosen by election) and from the staff of the Department, which meets twice a year, approximately in the middle of the Spring and Autumn. It provides a forum for students to raise issues relating to the course or the Department. Some issues may be dealt with immediately informally, others may be referred to the Departmental Teaching Committee or the Head of Department. The minutes are posted on the Student Common Room noticeboard, and also go to staff in the Department and to the College Joint Staff Student Committee. Please see the Student Voice webpage for more information.