General Information

  1. You are expected to be here during all of term time, and to attend lectures, problem classes and tutorials.
  2. The Mathematics degrees here are demanding and difficult and require a lot of work - in particular, it is very important to do the weekly course-works in each module . You also need to work on learning and understanding your lecture notes.
  3. 3.5 units are required to progress to year 2, i.e. you can fail at most one ½ unit module. If not, you have to take an extra year and re-sit failed exams.
  4. If you have a narrow fail in an exam in May, you may be offered a referral. You need to be available in early September in London to take the referral exam in order to be able to progress. Dates of referrals are not negotiable. For more information on referrals please see the section on September Referrals.
  5. Check your college e-mail account regularly - this is one of the main ways we will communicate with you. Also check the departmental web-site.
  6. Keep your personal details up to date on PORTICO and with the Maths Departmental Office (Room 610).
  7. If you become unhappy with the course, fall behind, need help or experience personal difficulties, seek advice/help quickly, in the first place from your personal tutor or the Dept Tutor.
  8. Cheating can have very serious consequences, for example a penalty on a module mark, 0 for a module, failing the year or losing your whole degree.

(i) Plagiarism applies particularly to projects and to students taking modules outside Mathematics - if you quote material from somewhere (including the web) you must reference it and not present it as your own work.

(ii) Copying course-work is also not permitted, although discussing problems with fellow-students is reasonable.

(iii) Cheating in exams normally leads to the most serious sanctions.

If you miss a formal exam for some good reason, make sure the Dept Tutor is informed as soon as possible. If you want extenuating circumstances taken into account, fill in and submit the extenuating circumstances form before the given deadline. Medical circumstances must be supported by a letter from a GP or hospital. You should make sure you are registered with a GP in the UK.

Mark Roberts (Departmental Tutor)
(Room 604A, e-mail m.l.roberts AT ucl.ac.uk, tel 020 7679 2833)