Structure of the Project

The project is a one-unit course. Thus it accounts for 25% of your fourth year courses, and can be expected to take up a considerable amount of your time (nominally about 200 - 250 hours). The project has two parts, a written project and an oral presentation.

The written project.

This will have to be completed by the 12th March 2014. It will be marked by the first examiner (who will be the supervisor) and the second examiner, and will be assigned 70% of the marks. The written project should normally be 5,000 - 10,000 words. Its form is likely to depend on the exact project, but it might typically include:

(a) an introduction;

(b) an exposition of the general area of the project; this should be at an appropriate level, generally assuming knowledge of the first 3 years of a Maths degree,

(c) any problems solved;

(d) a clear list of references.

In a project where the main emphasis was on researching a given area and understanding and collecting together the results, (b) might dominate; in one where there was more emphasis on solving problem(s), (c) might take up most of the space. Please note that a project consisting entirely of copied-out book-work would not be acceptable. You might also do a project with some computer work involved; in this case you would also have to submit the program in written form and on disc, and give some explanation of it in your written project.

You will get advice and help on your project from your supervisor or available online. Your project must be word-processed.

An oral presentation

This will take the form of a talk to the examiners and other students during the last two weeks of term (17 - 28 March 2014). This will be assigned 30% of the marks, and will be assessed principally by your supervisor and the second examiner, with some input from the other examiners. The talk will last approximately 18 minutes, with a few minutes for questions at the end. You will be given advice on how to structure and give your talk during the presentations skills training, and will give at least one practice talk. For more advice about giving a talk please take a look at the help with your project section.

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