Assessment of MATHM901 Project

The presentation

This is assessed by all examiners present using the presentation assessment form. The first examiner (the supervisor) and the second examiner then decide the final mark for the presentation using this information.

The written project

This is assessed by the first and second examiner independently and then a mark agreed. Rough criteria for the assessment are given in the guidelines for marking M901 project.

The final mark

This produces an overall mark for the project (30% presentation, 70% written project). These marks and the projects are considered (in rough subject groups) by all the examiners to see if they are all in agreement on the marks assigned, and some changes may be made if necessary. Each project is then seen by an external examiner, who may also recommend changes to the mark.

The final mark will be made available to you at the same time as the other examination marks, i.e. provisional results around 21 June and formal confirmed results on Portico somewhat later.

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