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Research in mathematics and statistical science at UCL covers many areas of modern pure and applied mathematics, statistics and data science. Much of our work is interdisciplinary and involves collaborations within and outside UCL. Fundamental topics include pure and applied analysis, geometry and topology, number theory, and the foundational aspects of probability and inferential statistics. We also carry out research in areas including inverse problems, multivariate and high dimensional data, fluid dynamics, biology and healthcare (including biostatistics, mathematical biology and clinical operations research), mathematical modelling, numerical analysis, computational statistics, stochastic modelling, financial mathematics and time series.

IMSS Research Case Studies:

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We are known for crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries and have productive collaborations with UCL departments and interdisciplinary centres in areas ranging from engineering to women’s health, experimental biology to disaster reduction.

Beyond UCL and academia, the departments' research is used in a wide variety of organisations and application areas: national security, medicine and healthcare provision, and the aeronautical, food and sporting sectors are just some areas where UCL's mathematical sciences research has contributed directly to improved performance and associated economic benefits. Specific examples include the design of improved aircraft ice protection systems, allowing safer operation; tools such as risk calculators for heart surgery that are influencing clinical practice; increased understanding of issues related to noise propagation from infrastructure including roads and wind turbines, resulting in changes in thinking about freeway noise mitigation strategies; and methodology that is being used by energy companies to improve the operational management of power plants so as to reduce energy costs.

​​​​The IMSS will be greater than the sum of its parts, co-locating and expanding the departments of Mathematics and Statistical Science to bring UCL into the top 20 institutions globally for mathematical sciences.

Focusing UCL's strengths in mathematical and statistical science:

The IMSS will be co-locating and expanding the departments of Mathematics and Statistical Science to bring UCL into the top 20 institutions globally for mathematical sciences.

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