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Danish Icing

Learn how to make Danish Icing

Basic & delicious cinnamon roll icing glaze recipe

This is a pretty basic icing glaze recipe, consisting of only 4 ingredients! It’s not fancy but it is one that you need to have in your back pockets at all times. The real secret to what makes this glaze delicious is the salted butter! A really good icing glaze shouldn’t be just milk and icing sugar, you aren’t going to get a icing glaze that cracks and crackles. It’s the melted butter that is going to give you that crust on your icing and not have it super sticky.


Now of course when you drizzle this cinnamon roll icing glaze on warm cinnamon rolls, they aren’t going to really harden up and be all crackley. This icing will be the best on danishes and other pastries that you don’t eat warm or hot, you’ll really see how it cracks and hardens up!