UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences



Enterprise activities within MAPS include industry-led and translational research, social entrepreneurship, consultancy, executive education and continuing professional development (CPD) courses, and commercialisation of intellectual property.

The MAPS Enterprise Committee aims to foster a culture of enterprise across the Faculty, which is in aligment with UCL's commitment to becoming a global leader in enterprise and open innovation. The Committee, which comprises of departmental representatives and UCL staff, meets monthly and covers the following objectives:

  • To create a culture of enterprise within the MAPS Faculty through promoting and facilitating enterprise and knowledge transfer activities
  • To support the quality of research and grants by working with non academic partners, including industry, government and NGOs, to foster international collaboration
  • To disseminate relevant information to departments about funding and training in enterprise at UCL
  • To provide support and advice for industry engagement 
  • To raise the awareness of Faculty enterprise among MAPS staff
  • To assist the building and strengthening of collaborative networks in enterprise
  • To support MAPS academics in accessing consultancy