UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences


Centre for Materials Research

The science associated with the study and development of technological materials and processes is a highly varied and often interdisciplinary activity. Scientists spread throughout a very wide range of UCL departments and units are engaged in various aspects of materials research. 

The Centre for Materials Research exists to bring them together, connecting over 100 researchers from among UCL’s faculties. 

Key strengths include computational materials science, materials chemistry, nano- and functional materials as well as the emerging field of biomaterials and technology for healthcare engineering. 

The CMR exists as a virtual centre to provide a contact point describing the main themes and facilities for materials research at UCL and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and approaches between researchers in different fields. UCL benefits from other interdisciplinary centres that focus on areas related to materials research.

These include the London Centre for Nanotechnology dedicated to exploring and developing the science and technology of nanoscale materials, and the Thomas Young Centre, which links theoretical and computational approaches to materials research throughout several London institutions. 

The Centre is led by an independent steering group with representatives from across the major materials initiatives at UCL.