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The content of the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences website is protected by intellectual property legislation, and is the copyright of University College London and/or the creators of the work.

However, much of the content may be reused without requiring you to seek explicit permission providing you follow some simple guidelines.

Guidelines on reuse of content

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all text, video and images in the news and picture of the week sections of the site, as well as the Science at UCL blog, are licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Most images in the faculty Flickr pages are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution licences, but check each photo's status before use. All photos in the faculty Flickr account can be used within UCL regardless of their copyright status.

Material elsewhere on the site is not covered by such licenses unless explicitly stated otherwise, and should not be reproduced without first seeking permission.

Creative Commons Attribution licences allow for the content's reuse and adaptation, without paying royalties or seeking permission, providing a few common sense rules are followed. These are the important ones:

  • The content should be clearly credited. A recommended credit is included with all Creative Commons licensed images on this site, either in the caption or at the bottom of the page. If you reuse text from this site, we suggest you use the credit 'Courtesy of UCL Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences'. Our intention is not to be too prescriptive about format, wording or location of credits - providing it's clear, visible and unambiguous, we are happy. If you reuse an image online, please include a link back to the relevant page of our site or Flickr gallery if you can.
  • You should not imply endorsement by UCL or any people featured in photos. You should be careful not to imply or express endorsement of opinions, products, organisations, etc., by your use of our photos. This is particularly the case for any photos which include recognisable people.
  • Creative Commons Attribution licences are a copyright licence, they are not a model release. Photos with recognisable individuals in them may require permission from those individuals for many uses, although journalistic/editorial use does not generally require such a release. You are advised to familiarise yourself with relevant privacy laws in your jurisdiction if you have any doubt, the rules are quite complex and vary considerably from country to country.
  • The UCL logo is a registered trademark and is not covered by Creative Commons. It may be used by UCL staff for UCL-related business. For all other purposes, including use by students, written permission is needed. For more information on the UCL brand, and permission to use the UCL logo, contact Fiona Davidson.
  • The full legal text of the licence can be read on the Creative Commons website.

Inquiries should be addressed to the Faculty Communications and Marketing Manager.