UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences


Kathleen Lonsdale Medal winners

Kathleen Lonsdale Medal (2016-present)

The Kathleen Lonsdale Medal (formerly known as the Faculty Medal) is awarded on the basis of academic excellence to the student who is deemed to have produced outstanding work during the course of their degree programme. Its name celebrates one of our most distinguished alumni.

2016Emma SladeTheoretical Physics
2017Jana OckovaChemistry
2018Natalie EvansMathematics
-Xiao JunEconomics and Statistics
2019Matthew Henry RaymentPhysics
-Yuqing LongStatistics
2020Scott Anthony Woolnough Physics and Astronomy
2021Freddie EylesNatural Sciences
2022Gillian CheongEnvironmental Geoscience
-Seth HardyMathematics
2023Oliver PearceNatural Sciences - MSci Astrophysics and Physical Chemistry
-Eloise CarterSTS - BSc History and Philosophy of Science

Faculty Medal (1991-2015) 

1991SE HodgesComputer Science*
1992W GroomAstrophysics
1993K RenMathematics and Physics
1994A PrydePhysics
1995DLW TanPhysics
1996A HymanGeography**
-J TalbotMathematics
1997J MannersPhysics with Space Science
1998C BuntingStatistics, Operational Research, Economics and European Languages
1999GC MilwardMathematics and Physics
2000C NentwichComputer Science*
2001ST BanksChemistry
-MY MoPhysics
2002B DragovicComputer Science*
2003T TerpaiMathematics
2004PS PangMedical Chemistry
-P VerrierAstrophysics
2005S McGovernScience Communication and Policy
2006M LuuMathematics
2007Alana Rivera E IngrahamAstrophysics
-Adam EllwoodChemistry
2008Katherine WickaStatistics
-Vijay ChudasamaChemistry
2009Holly AlexanderAstrophysics
2010Chai Hoon LimNatural Sciences
2011Veronika RaszlerScience Communication and Policy
-Katarzyna Natalia HojczykChemistry
2012Arnold MathijssenTheoretical Physics
-Jeremy HengStatistics
2013Zhi WongPhysics
2014Harapan Santoso OngPhysics
2015Thomas PartonNatural Sciences

Faculty Medal (Physical Sciences) of the Faculty of Sciences (1977-1990)

From 1977-1990, the Faculty of Sciences had two annual Faculty Medallists, one for Physical Sciences and one for Life Sciences, until in Academic Year 1990-1991 when the Faculty of Sciences was divided into the Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences and the Faculty of Life Sciences.

1977M AllenMathematics
1978CR PettsApplied Physics
1979RG ParlourAstronomy
1980AP DaviesChemistry
1981ML WolfChemistry
1982MCW JonesMathematics
1983EJ GoodwinChemistry
1984AJ LawrenceMathematics and Physics
1985SK WhitePhysics
1986IA TidderComputer Science*
1987AG WaltonMathematics and Astronomy
1988KB TeoPhysics
1989SN ThornChemistry
-SJ PensonGeography**
1990MJ DayMathematics
-SJ RichardsonPsychology


* The Department of Computer Science became part of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences in 2002

** The Department of Geography became part of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences in 1996