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Dept of Med Phys & Biomedical Eng

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
27th Sep 2021

Research summary

My research area is biomedical imaging. I am working in the Medical Physics and Biomedical Imaging department of UCL.

My PhD research project involves medical image analysis of high resolution phase-contrast computed tomography (HiP-CT) imaging obtained at the synchrotron light source at ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility). The new imaging technology developed at ESRF enables imaging of whole human organs with resolutions as low as 1 micrometre. My research will focus on the human heart; segmenting the blood vessels and conducting blood flow simulation studies. I am investigating the flow patterns in the heart in both healthy and diseased states.


I graduated from Tritity College Dublin in 2019 with a first class honours bachelors degree and a distinction masters degree in biomedical engineering.

During my bachelors degree I had the opportunity to work as an R&D engineering intern at Becton Dickinson & Co. (BD), based in Enniscorthy, Ireland. While working at BD I participated in feasibility and DV&V testing of a balloon catheter device. I also led a project aimed at developing and optimizing a catheter bonding process.

My masters degree research project was focused on investigating a potential preventative therapy for arterial dissection. It involved cross-linking and mechanical testing of porcine artery tissue, as well as extensive background research on the subject area. The project concluded with submission of a written thesis and a viva voce examination. The main areas of focus in the project were background research and literature review, mechanical testing of tissue on a Zwick materials test system, analysis and evaluation of mechanical test data, histological analysis of the tissue with polarised light microscopy and Solidworks design and 3D printing of an incision cutting device.

After graduating from Trinity College Dublin with a masters degree I began working with Veryan Medical, a biotechnology company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of highly innovative stent systems. My work involved research and testing of the link between vessel geometry, blood flow mechanics and vessel disease. My tasks included medical image analysis of device investigative studies, literature reviews of vessel patency, CAD design of complex tooling and CFD simulations of blood flow in vessels. I worked as an R&D engineer at Veryan Medical for 2.5 years before beginning my current position as a PhD researcher at UCL.