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PDRA and PhD studentship opportunities to join us!

20 May 2022

Two exciting opportunities to join our group!

Funded PhD Studentship

Fully funded PhD Studentship on correlation of HiP-CT to spatial transcriptomics. Spatial transciptomics is an exciting technology that is being used to map gene expression across cells and tissue in the human body. Linking this existing but new technique to a brand new 3D imaging technique - HiP-CT will allow us to map how gene expression differs across human organs and how this expression is linked to the morphology of the tissue in 3-dimensions. The PhD is part of the UCL EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Integrated Imaging in Healthcare. For more details, check out the advert.

Research Fellow: Machine Learning for Multi-scale, Correlative, Biomedical Imaging

This post will work on machine learning based correlation of HiP-CT to clinical imaging modalities including MRI and clinical CT. This will involve developing new ML methods for both segmentation, and correlation/ registration of HiP-CT to MRI and clinical CT. This is an opportunity to speed the clinical impact of this technology, and contribute to mapping the whole human body. Application deadline: 3rd June. For more details, check out the advert.