UCL Bloomsbury Masterplan


I am delighted to introduce the UCL Bloomsbury Masterplan.

The Bloomsbury Masterplan was approved by UCL Council in July 2011 to provide the strategic framework for the development and improvement of the UCL Bloomsbury Estate over the next ten to fifteen years to ensure UCL’s fine buildings in the very heart of this great world city best support the University’s highest academic standards and global ambition.

The Masterplan was prepared over the 2010-2011 session with a thorough review and analysis of the estate, wide consultation with UCL staff and student communities and considerable iteration of options. The objectives of the brief were broad and ambitious including: improving the coherence and integrity of the estate; ensuring effective and efficient space utilisation, effectiveness and functionality; respecting our heritage while driving improved environmental performance; enhancing the student and staff experience.

A coherent vision with supporting strategies and projects is presented to plan continued improvement, respond to the unexpected and serendipitous, and enable institutional growth.

I encourage everyone interested in the future of UCL to take a close interest in this plan as it develops and continue to let the team know your views and comments.

Malcolm Grant
President and Provost

The Bloomsbury Masterplan will for the first time provide a strategic framework for the future development of the estate and forms the foundation of a new Estate Strategy for UCL.

The Masterplan presents a coherent vision and a series of strategies along with an indicative sequence of projects that together provide a long term strategic framework and from which a programme of capital investment will emerge.

If UCL is to maintain its position as a ‘world leading’ university in a highly competitive global market, we must continue to invest in our infrastructure.

The estate poses many challenges while offering fabulous opportunities. Implementation of the improvements and opportunities identified will be challenging in terms of funding, scale of change and in managing disruption. We are confident that over this period huge improvement to the estate will be delivered, though we shall have to be adaptable and responsive to change.

Andrew Grainger
Director, UCL Estates

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