Manufacturing Futures Lab


New MSc Programmes

The MFL will provide a space where researchers and students from biochemical, chemical and mechanical engineering and chemistry can work alongside industry professionals to develop novel materials, chemicals manufactured via sustainable approaches and advanced therapies, impacting a range of sectors.

With an emphasis on experiential learning, innovation, enterprise and the wider regulatory environmentour new MSc programmes launching September 2023 will span nanoscale manufacturing, stem cell and gene therapy, chemical sustainability and nature-inspired engineering, as well as leveraging wider UCL research strengths in ‘big data’ analytics, artificial Intelligence, process monitoring and control technologies, and multi-scale modelling.

The programmes will benefit from UCL’s cutting-edge teaching methods developed through the Integrated Engineering Programme, where hands-on experiences shape real-world problem solving skills. Our students will develop the rich skillset future engineers and chemists need - creativity, design, teamwork, practical skills, knowledge of emerging technologies and the fundamentals of science and mathematics.

A philosophy of making and experimentation is at the core of our approach, foregrounding group-working and a research-based curriculum, fostering a solutions-oriented mindset.  We are committed to increasing the number of young people studying engineering and creating a diverse engineering workforce, by supporting developments in primary and secondary education, investing in widening participation, and creating stronger links between vocational and HE routes into engineering.