Innovation at the Institute of Making

31 January 2013

The Institute of Making held a Christmas make session on 12 December 2012 at the UCL Engineering Café. UCL staff, students, alumni and friends explored some of the wonders of the material world in a series of free making workshops. Visitors experimented with dipping, casting, folding, coating and constructing using wax, chocolate, paper, pewter and even got hands on carving moulds out of cuttlefish bone. Over 150 people attended the event and the Institute of Making team brought the scientific processes behind pewter casting and electroplating to chocolate tempering and sugar crystallisation to life. The team posted a big cast pewter thumbs up to all those who attended the event. 

Institute of Making

Your chance to visit!

There will be a chance to explore the brand new Institute of Making’s MakeSpace and Materials Library during the launch weekend, when the Institute is hosting a series of events. On 16 March UCL alumni and friends are invited to look around the Materials Library, take a tour of the workshop and get stuck into the MakeSpace. There’s no need to book – just come along to the Institute of Making, Malet Place, between 1-5pm.

Other news…

Word has been spreading about the Institute. In October 2012, the team worked with Wired Magazine to produce a six page spread on Magic Materials, featuring stunning photographs of some intriguing substances. This is now available to view on Wired's website.

BBC Radio 4's Food Programme spent the afternoon at the Institute of Making exploring the taste of materials for a programme on The Science of Taste. You can listen again to the programme via the BBC website.

The Institute of Making’s Creative Director and Curator of the Materials Library, Zoe Laughlin delivered a talk on The Performativity of Matter at TedxBrussels 2012. She appeared alongside Apple founder Steve Wozniak, and veteran hacker and early virtual reality pioneer Mitch Altman. You can see Zoe’s talk on The Institute of Making website.

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