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UCL Respiratory Seminar: Prof. Bruce Robinson

12 June 2019, 3:00 pm–4:00 pm

UCL Respiratory - Bruce Robinson

Professor Bruce Robinson from University Western Australia, Perth, presents: 'Recent advances in mesothelioma - genomics, biomarkers and immunotherapy'

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UCL staff | UCL students


Dr Rob Hynds


2nd Floor Seminar Room
Rayne Building
5 University Street
United Kingdom

Prof. Bruce Robinson is a physician-scientist and has been Director of a highly successful Australian national co-operative/NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence, studying subjects such as asbestos cancers and tumour immunology. The team has many firsts in the field including understanding tumour neo-antigen cross presentation, the first human and mouse mesothelioma cell lines, first asbestos-induced tumour neo-antigen, first reliable blood biomarker for mesothelioma and a number of world first immunotherapy and chemotherapy trials. Team members are experienced in many areas including cancer gene sequencing-defined tumour antigens, transgenic mouse models, tumour biomarkers, systems biology, drug repurposing and novel immunotherapy approaches. He was co-chair of the TCGA mesothelioma gene sequencing program.