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Title:Cole Library
Description:The private library of F. J. Cole (1872-1959), F.R.S., Professor of Zoology in the University of Reading from 1907 to 1939. A bibliophile throughout his life, Cole acquired works illustrating the history of early medicine and zoology in general, and comparative anatomy and reproductive physiology in particular. The collection formed the basis for Cole’s own major historical work, "A History of Comparative Anatomy" (1944). Among the authors of the many seminal works in the history of the biological sciences represented are Galen, Fabricius, Belon, Wotton, Gesner, Bartholin, Swammerdam, Harvey, Ray, Haller, Leeuwenhoek, Linnaeus, the Hunters and Darwin. Continental publications are well represented among the approximately 1700 works pre-dating 1851.Cole bequeathed his library to Dr Nellie B. Eales (1889-1989), from whom it was acquired by the University of Reading in 1960. The collection is now housed in a separate room in the Main Library, together with the collections of H. L. Hawkins (geology), T. M. Harris (palaeobotany), C. H. O’Donaghue (marine zoology), and Cyril Tyler (Justus von Liebig).
Physical Extent:8,000 volumes of printed books and scientific papers; a few manuscripts, and some papers of Professor Cole.
Catalogue Information:The substantial portion of the library is described in: Nellie B. Eales, The Cole Library of Early Medicine and Zoology, Part 1: 1472-1800; Part 2: 1800 to the present day and Supplement to Part 1 (Oxford and Reading, 1969-1975). Prof. Cole’s analytical card catalogue is kept with the books. Most Cole Library books also have brief handwritten cards in the Main Library author catalogue, and records are added irregularly to the online catalogue. New acquisitions are only available via the Reading University Library online catalogue.
Accrual Status:Open: regular additions of antiquarian and modern material; subscriptions to select journals in the history of science maintained.
Note:Cole Library of Early Medicine and Zoology at Reading University Library. See also: K. J. Franklin, ‘Francis Joseph Cole, 1872-1959’, "Biographical memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society" 5 (1960), 37-47; N. B. Eales, ‘Francis Joseph Cole, 1872-1959’, "Journal of the History of Medicine" 14 (1959), 267-72; F. J. Cole, ‘Obiter dicta bibliographica’, "Journal of the History of Medicine" 14 (1959), 2-9; F. J. Cole, ‘Bibliographical reflections of a biologist’, "Proceedings of the Oxford Bibliographical Society" 5 (1939), 169-86.
Start Date:1472
End Date:present
Holding Institution:The University of Reading
Access Information:Access information, opening hours and contact details.
Postal Address:Special Collections, Reading University Library, Whiteknights, Reading, Berkshire
Postcode:RG6 6AE
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