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ICAU05 programme of events

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16th International Consortium of Aleph Users and International SFX/MetaLib User Group Conference

September 2005, the British Library, London

Monday 12th September: tours of the British Library
In addition to the parallel sessions which will run from 4.00pm on day one of the conference, tours of the British Library will also be available. If you would like to join one of these tours, please contact us at:

Monday 12 September 2005: 16th ICAU conference - Day 1
0830 - 0900 ICAU Registration
0900 - 1100 Opening session - Chair: Mandy Stewart (British Library)
- Greetings: Lynne Brindley (Chief Executive, British Library)
- Welcome and Introductions: Guido Badalamenti (ICAU Chair, University of Siena, Italy)
- ExLibris Report: Matti Shem Tov (President & CEO, Ex Libris)
1100 - 1130 Coffee break
1130 - 1300 Session 2: Scholarly Communication - Chair: Stephen Pinfield (University of Nottingham, UK)
- The Scholarly Communication Revolution: Information Tools and Content in a Global and Institutional Setting: Paul Ayris (UCL (University College London), UK)
- Implications for Institutions Managing Scholarly Communications: Reagan Moore (San Diego Computer Centre, USA)
1300 - 1430 Lunch
1430 - 1530 Session 3: Web Services - Chair: Christian Zeising (National Royal Library, Sweden)
- Introduction to Web Services & VIEWS Project - Mark Ellingsen (University of Bristol, UK)
- Ex Libris Plans: Omri Gerson, Jenny Walker (Ex Libris)
- Discussion
1530 - 1600 Coffee break
1600 - 1730 Session 4a: Poster sessions
- "Redesigned Aleph Web Interface" - Dror Berger (MALMAD - Israel Center for Digital Information Services)
- "Search engine technology to integrate an Aleph-based 12 Mio + consortial bibliographic database with electronic resources in general" - Ronald Schmidt (Hochschulbibliothekszentrum NRW, Germany)
"Preservation management within Aleph" - Kevin Fromings (British Library, UK)
- "eDOC - simple open-source software based application for enriching the Aleph Consortium Catalogue with non-bibliographic contents" - Victor Babitchev (The Austrian Library Network)
- "Unification of Several Catalogs into One Bibliographic Entity" - Carol Fuchs (Hebrew University, Israel)
- "Multilingual Thesauri" - Jean-Claude Kuperminc (Alliance israélite universelle, France)
- "Sun solutions for libraries and museums" - (representative from Sun Microsystems)
Session 4b: DigiTool - Chair: Ana Azevedo (University of Porto, Portugal)
- Presentation: Michael Kaplan (Ex Libris)
Session 4c: Open meeting - Public Libraries - Chair: Michael Koch (Holbaek Public Library, Denmark) Barbara Rad-El (Ex Libris) in attendance
Session 4d: Open meeting - Library Consortia - Chair: Pat Busby (CALICO, South Africa) Omri Gerson (Ex Libris) in attendance
1830 - 2000 Welcome Reception at The British Library
Tuesday 13 September 2005: 16th ICAU conference - Day 2
0900 - 1100 Session 5: Ex Libris product developments - Chair: Jiri Kende (FU Berlin, Germany)
- New features of Aleph versions 16.x-17.x (Barbara Rad-El, Katriel Reichman, Ex Libris)
- New developments in other Ex Libris products (Jenny Walker, Michael Kaplan, Ex Libris)
- ICAU enhancements in version 18 (Dalia Mendelsonn, Ex Libris)
1100 - 1130 Coffee break
1130 - 1230 Session 6: Ex Libris - Future Directions - Chair: Dale Flecker (Harvard University Library)
- Visions and plans for the product suite of Ex Libris - Oren Beit Arie (Ex Libris)
1230 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1530 Session 7: Questions and Answer Session with Ex Libris - Chair: Mark Ellingsen (University of Bristol, UK)
- Matti Shem Tov, Avi Shapiro, Marc Daubach, Jenny Walker and Omri Gerson (Ex Libris)
- Ex Libris representatives
a podium discussion where a representative from Ex Libris will answer questions collected before the meeting and on Monday, September 12th
1530 - 1600 Coffee break
1600 - 1730 Session 8a: Verde - Chair: Dick Chamberlain (University of Nottingham, UK)
- Managing electronic resources - product demonstration (Ted Koppel, Ex Libris)
1600 - 1730 Session 8b: Scholarly communication, follow up - Chair: Stephen Pinfield (University of Nottingham, UK)
1830 - 2100 UK and Ireland Directors' Reception at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Wednesday 14 September 2005: 16th ICAU conference - Day 3
0900 - 1030 Session 9: RFID technology and case studies - Chair: TBA
- RFID Technology in Libraries - Ivar Thyssen (2CQR)
- RFID at Silkeborg Public Library - speaker TBA
- RFID at K.U.Leuven - Jo Rademakers (K. U. Leuven, Belgium)
1030 - 1100 Coffee break
1100 - 1230 Session 10: ICAU activities - Chair: Guido Badalamenti (Chair ICAU, University of Siena, Italy)
10a: Reports and Agreements
- reports of the ICAU Steering Committee & discussion
- approval of the budget for 2005/2006
10b: Voting: Chair: Ingbritt Butina (Danish National Library/University Library, Copenhagen, Denmark)
- voting for two vacant positions in ICAU SC
- call candidacy for the meeting location in 2007
1230 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1600 Session 11: New ICAU - Joint Chair: Guido Badalamenti (Chair ICAU, University of Siena, Italy) and Larry Woods (University of Iowa, USA)
- Proposal for a new user association - joint session of ICAU and SMUG
- Discussion of joint proposal of ICAU and SMUG Steering committees
1630 Coffee and closing remarks. ICAU conference ends
Thursday 15 September 2005 - International SFX/MetaLib Users Group conference - Day 4
0800 - 0900 SMUG Registration
0900 - 1030 Opening Session
Welcome & Introduction: Larry Woods (University of Iowa, USA)
Conference Centre, domestic arrangements (Mandy Stewart, British Library)
Ex Libris company update: Julie Booth (Ex Libris)
Looking to the future: Oren Beit Arie (Ex Libris)
1030 - 1100 Coffee break
1100 - 1215 Session 2: MetaLib innovations - Chair: Peter Corrigan (NUI Galway)
Doing more with Metalib: Creating custom interfaces and services using the X-Server: David Walker (Cal State, San Marcos)
Underneath the surface - discovering the X-Server: Jeorg Luettgau (Humboldt University, Berlin)
1215 - 1300 Session 3a: MetaLib external programs: Ere Maijala (Helsinki University Library, the National Library of Finland)
1300 - 1430 Lunch
1430 - 1530 Session 3b: Authentication and MetaLib: Shibboleth and JISC middleware: John Paschould (London School of Economics)
Integrating Shibboleth with MetaLib - challenges and issues: Nina Keren-David (Ex Libris)
1530 - 1600 Coffee Break
1600 - 1730 Session 4: Parallel sessions: 4a lasts 90 minutes; 4b and 4c last 45 minutes and will be repeated immediately afterwards
Session 4a: VERDE - Chair Gerard Bennett (University of Westminster)
VERDE: managing your electronic resources: Ted Koppel (EX Libris)
Session 4b: SFX Innovations - Chair: Inga Overkamp (Max Planck Society, Munich)
The use of Local Attributes: Morten Chrisoffersen (Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark)
Session 4c: The MetaLib/SFX consortia working group: Ari Rouvari (Helsinki University Library, the National Library of Finland)
1900 - 2230 SMUG drinks reception (HMS Belfast)
Friday 16 September 2005 - International SFX/MetaLib Users Group conference - Day 5
0900 - 1030 Session 5a: SMUG activities - Chair: Larry Woods (University of Iowa)
Discussion on proposed new User Group
National User Group reports
1030 - 1100 Coffee
1100 - 1200 Session 5b: Google Scholar - Chair: Nicholas Lewis University of East Anglia
Google Scholar and Digital Library: competitors or partners? Marco Steefkerk (Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam)
1200 - 1300 Session 6: MetaLib and SFX developments - Chair: Ann Munn University of Westminster
MetaLib: what's new, what's coming: Karen Groves (Ex Libris)
SFX: what's new, what's coming: Nettie Legace (Ex Libris)
1300 - 1430 Lunch
1430 - 1515 Session 7: NISO Metasearch Initiative - Chair: Owen Stephens Royal Holloway, University of London)
NISO Metasearch Initiative update: Jenny Walker (Ex Libris)
1515 - 1545 Coffee
1545 - 1700 Session 8: Parallel sessions: 8a will last 45 minutes; 8b will last 35 minutes and will be repeated immediately afterwards
Session 8a: MetaLib implementation and interface - Chair: Damyanti Patel Royal Holloway, University of London
Interface and implementation issues in MetaLib : Portal off the shelf? Lukas Koster (Royal library/National Library of The Netherlands, The Hague, Netherlands)
MetaLib at Imperial College London: Lorraine Windsor (Imperial College London)
Session 8b: SFX and the library catalogue - Chair: Dr Mathias Kratzer (Bavarian Library Network)
Using the Library catalogue to extend the SFX Knowledge Base: Frank Waajen (Library Wageningen UR Netherlands)
1700 Closing remarks. SMUG meeting ends

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