UCL London


Engaging London

At UCL we build on the strengths of London’s diversity meaning that a wide variety of people, community groups, stakeholders and organisations will engage with or impact UCL on a daily basis.

UCL in London

UCL London offers a front door to all, opening up UCL as an accessible tool and resource.

We act as a gateway between UCL and London. We provide a platform in which collaboration can be more closely aligned with our local communities, senior leaders, academics and policy makers. Our aim is to create reciprocal relationships with London and Londoners.

Public engagement 

Hania Qureshi volunteering at a Teddy Bear Clinic
The UCL Public Engagement Unit exists to champion our founding principle, to open education and knowledge to the world.

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Students work around a table
Our volunteering service connects UCL students with rewarding community volunteering opportunities across London.

Last year, 2200 students volunteered for projects.

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UCL East 

UCL East campus building
UCL East is the university campus of the future.

Our new campus builds on UCL’s progressive history, positive impact and disruptive spirit.

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Innovation and Enterprise 

Researcher works in lab
We work with UCL staff, UCL students and organisations to turn knowledge and ideas into the solutions that benefit us all.


UCL Innovation and Enterprise