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Schofield Research Group

Research in our group focusses on understanding and controlling the fundamental quantum properties of matter at the atomic scale. This basic science research is directed toward enabling the creation of next-generation technologies for classical and quantum information processing applications.


Atomic Scale Science

Our research programme combines spatially-resolved tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy with techniques including momentum-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy.  We employ atomic-scale fabrication methods, including the atomic-manipulation capabilities of the scanning tunnelling microscope, to assemble individual atoms and molecules into nanostructures whose electronic and even magnetic properties we then measure.  More information is contained in the Research page of this site (see linked box below or the navigation bar at the left).



We are a dynamic group of researchers--undergraduate and postgraduate students, and post-doctoral scientists--with past and current members from around the world.  

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We apply cryogenic temperature scanning tunnelling spectroscopy, atomic manipulation, and reciprocal space techniques to the investigation of a range of semiconducting, magnetic, and two-dimensional (2D) materials. 

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Our research is published in leading international journals.  Links to the journal pages as well as open access versions hosted by UCL Discovery can be found on our Publications page. 

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Join us

Opportunities for working in our group range from undergraduate summer research projects, to MSci, MSc, and PhD graduate opportunities and post-doctoral research positions.