The LonDownS Consortium


Meet our participants

As part of our research we have seen a range of different people with all different abilities. Here is some information about some of the people who have taken part in our study. If you or someone you care for has taken part in our study and would like to be included on this page then please do get in touch! 

John Livingston

John Livingston Dance

John Livingston is a solo contemporary dance artist based in London. He has developed a unique, intense, and powerful form of contemporary dance.

John has an extraordinary ability to improvise to differing styles of music, often performing to pieces that he has never heard before.

His many years of experience include performing regularly at major London venues, such as The Southbank Centre, The Place, and Sadler's Wells. He has also completed a European tour. 

For more information, videos and details about forthcoming performances please visit his John Livingstone's website.

You can see a recent, short documentary about John by clicking the embedded link. 

Sheri Brynard

Sheri Brynard

This is Sheri, she is from South Africa and is the only person with Down syndrome who is a qualified teacher with a tertiary teacher's diploma, in the world.

She is also an international ambassador for all people with Down syndrome.

She truly believes that all people have the ability to choose to make the best of their circumstances and she is the living example of that.

Sheri was our first ever participant and has done our cognitive tests and also taken part in the EEG scan.

Lester Magoogan 

Lester Magoogan

This is Lester and he is an extremely successful, talented and unique artist.

He simplifies the world around him into minimalist drawings of monsters and other cartoon characters.

Sarah Gordy

This is Sarah, she is an actress and a dancer! She is proud of the fact she is different and has Down Syndrome.

She has been a professional for over ten years now and has featured in popular TV shows such as Call The Midwife, Holby City, Upstairs Downstairs and many more.

Sarah has also taken part in many theatre productions.

Sarah has taken part in both our cognitive tests and the EEG scan.

The photo to the right shows what Sarah looked like in her EEG cap.

Sarah Gordy

Tazia Fawley

Tazia Fawley

This is Tazia, she is a very gifted and accomplished artist.

She mainly works from photographs and so far has painted 70 pictures!

In June Last year, her painting 'Rupert Flying Over The Clifton Suspension Bridge' was accepted by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a gift for Prince George's nursery.

If you have been a participant and would like your photo on the website, please email us at downsyndrome@ucl.ac.uk. We would love to hear from you!

Our participants sometimes tell us about events and groups that they belong to.