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UCL 2062 Student Competition Winners

In early 2012 UCL students were invited to submit short pieces for inclusion in the London 2062 book. Students were asked to consider questions about the capital's future, including: 

  • How will London change over the next five decades?
  • Can the capital adapt to deal with the impacts of climate change? 
  • What are the challenges and opportunities will present themselves over the 50 years following the Olympics?

The London 2062 project has considered these, and many other questions by bringing the UCL community together with policy makers and practitioners from a wide range of fields.

In August 2012 there was a small reception to present Liron Schur, the overall winner of the competition, with his prize of £100 of book tokens.

  • Sarah Bell presenting Liron Schur, the overall winner of the London2062 Student Competition, with £100 of book tokens.
  • From l-r Liron Schur, Justin Kurland (Winners of London2062 Student Competition) & Dr Sarah Bell
  • Justin Kurland and Sarah Bell. Justin wrote 'Crime in London 2062...' with  Aiden Sidebottom
  • Liron Schur won first prize in the London 2062 Competition with Malaria Tube Poster

The winning entries are:
Malaria Tube Poster

Malaria Tube Poster

Liron Schur

First prize of £100 book tokens

Paranoia House


a vision of the London house in 2062

Arthur Kay

Crime in London

Crime in London 2062

or, Reflections of a Retiring Bobby

Aiden Sidebottom and Justin Kurland

Re-thinking London’s economies and economic futures

Re-thinking London’s economies and economic futures

Myfanwy Taylor

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