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London 2062 Contributors

We are planning to release the book through Ubiquity Press (www.ubiquitypress.com), an open-access publishing house founded by researchers at UCL. The book currently has the working title of “Imagining the Future City: London 2062”.

We are working towards a publication date in the Summer. The next deadline, for finalised author contributions, is the 4th of June. All chapters should be prepared as word documents with minimal formatting and sent to j.paskins@ucl.ac.uk. There will be a further chance to examine proofs before publication.

We are also requesting short (100 word) biographies, and any images that you would like us to consider for inclusion in the book.

Requests to Authors

  • At the moment most chapters are called ‘London 2062’, or include ‘2062’ in the title. Try to avoid ‘London 2062’ or ‘2062’ in the new title.
  • Please supply details for all the chapter’s authors:

    • author’s names (in the order they should appear)
    • email addresses for all of the authors
  • The final submission should be a word document with minimal formatting:

    • headings in bold
    • italics for emphasis
    • ‘single quotes’ for quotations
    • describe any special typographic features or design, or illustrations that you wish to include
  • If you have included references they will be formatted in the Vancouver style (with full references included as endnotes)
  • Please supply a list of keywords from your chapter that you would like to see in the book’s index
  • Each author should supply a short biography

    • Your name as you want it to appear, including titles and any post-nominal titles
    • 100 words maximum
    • Include your affiliation
    • In addition to the biography you can include examples of work written on a similar theme
  • If you want to re-use copyrighted materials (i.e. text or images), please obtain the permission of the copyright holder, to be submitted with your final chapter.

    • You can download sample templates for text and photo permission clearance below
  • Deadline for finalised chapters is the 4th of June 2013
  • Proofs will be available for checking from the 8th of July, to be returned by the the 22nd of July

Book Details

  • The London 2062 book will be released through three channels

    • Initial print run—including library copies
    • Print on demand
    • Individual chapters—online and open access, each chapter will include a DOI (digital object identifier) from CrossRef
  • Possibility of being highly illustrated
  • Ubiquity Press releases content under a CC BY licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/),
  • The printed book will feature

    • Softcover with perfect binding
    • 244 x 170mm pages

Image Guidelines

As we are relatively free to include imagery in the book, we are aiming to include at least one image per chapter, in addition to images and figures that are included in chapters to illustrate your work.

The images can be directly related to your work, illustrative of a particular theme, or just striking images of, or relating to the city. If you have photographs, illustrations, etc. that you would like to see in the book, please send them to me atj.paskins@ucl.ac.uk.

  • The minimum resolution of photographs/artwork should be 300dpi
  • Model release, location release or photo re-use forms should be completed where necessary.

    • Ubiquity have provided sample forms and letters
    • When contacting models or property owners, it is worth emphasising that the images are for use in an open access publication
    • Alamy has useful guidelines on releases:www.alamy.com/contributor/help/image-releases.asp

Download Permission Forms

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