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Changing London’s cycling infrastructure will improve safety

Published: Nov 7, 2014 4:37:57 PM

UCL-JDF Summer School – reinventing the wheelchair

UCL-JDF Summer School – reinventing the wheelchair

Published: Aug 15, 2014 12:19:16 PM

Professor Sir Peter Hall

A tribute to Professor Sir Peter Hall (1932-2014)

Published: Jul 31, 2014 4:59:43 PM

London’s Housing Challenge

4th April 2012
Executive Suite, Front Engineering Building, University College London

Chair: Will McKee (Chair, Mayoral Outer London Boundary Commission)


  • Dr Ben Campkin (UCL Urban Lab and UCL Bartlett School of Architecture)
  • Sofie Pelsmakers (UCL Energy Institute)
  • David Lunts (Interim Executive Director for Housing, GLA)
  • David Baptiste (Head of Housing Supply, LB Ealing)

The future continued growth of London will expose sharper housing differentials in the decades ahead. In 2031, London’s population is expected to be 10.1 million inhabitants which implies a need for about 1.6 million new houses and 1.5 million replacement houses. Numbers and space requirements are but two of the issues here; there will also be new demands and pressures caused by accessibility and the liveability of individual places. This event will bring together leading academics and practitioners to debate how we overcome the immediate financial and delivery challenges facing the housing sector to meet these larger long term challenges for London.

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