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Research Associate, Stefan Lab


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Research Synopsis

I am mainly interested in how membrane lipids play key roles in autophagy, which is accompanied by membrane remodeling. After discovery of autophagy-related (ATG) genes, the molecular machinery of autophagy is becoming clear. However, the roles of membrane lipids are not well understood mainly due to technical difficulties. I would like to redescribe autophagy from lipid aspects by in vitro (liposome reconstitution experiments) and in vivo experiments (using super-resolution microscope). It is known that imbalance in lipid homeostasis can cause autophagy-related diseases. Therefore, I believe that the precise understanding of lipid function in autophagy will be also helpful for understanding the pathogenesis of those diseases.


2015 | Assistant Professor, Graduate School and Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Japan
2010 | Postdoc, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, Japan
2009 | PhD, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo, Japan
2004 | BS, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo, Japan


2016 | JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research Abroad
2014 | JSPS KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists
2014 | The Japan Foundation for Applied Enzymology Research Grant
2011 | The Naito Foundation Research Grant
2006 | JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists


Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Research Themes

Signalling pathways, Membrane trafficking


Light microsopy, Super-resolution microscopy