LMCB - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


PhD student, de Bruin Lab




Research Synopsis

I joined the LMCB in September 2015 as part of the graduate programme and I’m carrying out my PhD in the de Bruin lab. In my project I am using budding yeast as a model to study transcriptional regulation during the cell cycle. Proper cell cycle progression requires tightly regulated transcriptional events, and I am particularly interested in the role of chromatin within this. I am investigating the relationship between transcription and DNA replication during S phase and I am interested in how this regulation may be important for genomic integrity.  Additionally, I am studying the control of G1/S transcription and the transcription factors implicated in this. This transcriptional wave drives entry into a new cell cycle and must be tightly regulated to control cell proliferation. 


2015 | BSc (Hons) Biochemistry with Research Abroad, Imperial College London


2016 | UCSF Scholarship – LMCB PhD programme
2015 | Convenor’s Prize – Imperial College London


Medical Research Council

Research Themes

Transcriptional regulation, Cell cycle 


Light microscopy, Bioinformatics