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Research Associate and Lab Manager, Mao Lab


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Research synopsis

The establishment and maintance of three-dimensional tissues is a fundamental process for the continuation of life. How tissues maintain their structure, shape and function in the face of injury, during growth and development is a complex question. However, understanding these processes is essential if we are to develop new ways to preserve human health. 
I am interested in how whole tissue structures and their cellular components respond to external forces. I am currently focused on how tissue organoids modify themselves in response to injury.


2023 | Lab manager and Research associate, University College London
2018-2023 | Research assistant/ associate, University of Sheffield
2008-2014 | PhD Developmental Biology, University of Sheffield
2004-2005 | MSc Molecular genetics, University of Leicester, England
2001-2003 | BSc Biological Sciences, University of Leicester, England




Cancer Research UK

Research themes

Polarity/cell shape
Signaling pathways
Cell-cell interactions
Membrane trafficking


Light microscopy
Fluorescent recovery after photobleaching (FRAP)