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MRC Skills Development Fellow, Mao Lab


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Research synopsis

An inevitable consequence of interacting with the outside world is that our bodies will experience some form of injury. Therefore, the tissues that line the inside and outside of our bodies (epithelia) must have mechanisms through which they can repair themselves. While we understand the biochemical signals required for tissue repair well, we know much less about how the mechanical properties of epithelial tissues and their surrounding environment influence the repair process. I use the Drosophila wing disc to investigate the role of tissue mechanics in epithelial wound healing. Using a combination of live imaging, quantitative image analysis, mechanical perturbation and computational modelling, I have begun to demonstrate how tissue mechanics can be exploited to accelerate wound healing.


2014 | PhD Developmental Biology, University of Cambridge
2010 | MPhil Developmental Biology, University of Cambridge
2009 | MSc Developmental Cell Biology, University of Sussex
2007 | BSc (Hons) Zoology, University of Nottingham


2016 | MRC Skills Development Fellowship
2009 | Wellcome Trust PhD Studentship


Medical Research Council

Research themes

Cytoskeleton and cell cortex
Polariy and cell shape
Tissue mechanics
Tissue repair


Light microscopy