LMCB - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Research Synopsis

I am working on somewhat of a mystery, its name is CLN3 (human) and it codes for a transmembrane protein that has been implicated in the most common childhood neurodegeneration Juvenile CLN3 disease. I am working with model organisms such as S. pombe (fission yeast) orthologue gene btn1, mammalian cultures and Zebrafish. To help understand the mechanisms within its cellular function but also how mutations within this gene lead to the pathogenesis of the disease. To this end I hope to identify gene targets and drugs that help ameliorate phenotypes seen model organisms thus leading to a potential therapy for this devastating disease.


2015 | Research assistant, Warwick University, UK
2013-2014 | MSc in Human and Veterinary epidemiology, LSHTM and RVC
2008-2012 | BA (Hons) in Natural Science, Zoology, Trinity College Dublin


2008 | Entrance Award Trinity College


BBSRC LIDo Programme

Research Themes

Signalling pathways, Juvenile CLN3 disease


Light microscopy, High throughput screening, Bioinformatics