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UCL Bioimaging Interest Group

The UCL Bioimaging Interest Group is a joint LMCB and UCL Cancer Domain initative, operating under the umbrella of UCL's Imaging Science Technology Platform. The Group aims to share knowledge, expertise and foster discussion and collaborations around the topic of bioimaging.  Each session typically hosts one or two speakers from UCL, for presentations and discussion on topics related to imaging cells and tissues across spatial and temporal scales, and the analysis and curation of the resulting data sets.
When: Monthly, Fridays, 1-2pm
Where: Teams invites are sent to registrants
Upcoming talk
February 18, 2022
Giulia Cazzagon (Baum Lab, LMCB-UCL, MRC LMB, Cambridge) | Live imaging of the mitotic cortex in Drosophila neuronal stem cells
Image caption | Comparing SRRF super-resolution and wide-field microscopy in living cells. Data courtesy of Romain F. Laine, LMCB, UCL