LMCB - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Year 1:
In the first year, students attend tutorial courses on many cell biology topics. Tutorials are designed to encourage active student participation and discussion in an informal atmosphere to give a broad understanding of various areas of molecular cell biology, including developmental biology, neurobiology, immunology, computational biology and the cell biology of disease. In parallel, students undertake three 12-week lab rotations. At the end of their third rotation, students choose a host lab for their PhD.

Years 2-4:
Years 2-4 are focussed on research. Students meet with their committees on an annual basis. 
Year 2 committee meetings. MPhil to PhD upgrade meeting. tudents meet with their committee to discuss progress with their project, as well as identifying further skills training.
Year 3 committee meeting. Review of progress and training needs, and initial discussion of post-PhD career plans.
Year 4 committee meeting. Discussion of thesis content and plans for thesis completion. Detailed discussion of post-PhD career plan.