LMCB - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


The LMCB has a dynamic postdoc committee whose aim is to:

  • Encourage scientific discussion and networking
  • Promote communication and collaborations between early career researchers
  • Identify resources and promote skills sharing for technical expertise
  • Provide resources for career development

To achieve these goals, the committee organises career talks, skills sharing sessions, social events (including monthly postdoc breakfasts), seminars and much more. In addition, the committee provides new postdocs with a Welcome Pack containing information, resources and support services.

Current members of the Postdoc Committee are Giulia Paci (Mao Lab), Delan Alasaadi (Acton Lab), Stella Kouloulia (Lloyd Lab), Marousa Darsinou (Riccio Lab) and Filipy Borghi (Saiardi Lab).

To contact the committee, email lmcb-postdoc-committee@ucl.ac.uk