LMCB - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Molecular Cell Biology PhD programme

The MRC Molecular Cell Biology PhD Programme lasts four years, with an initial rotation year consisting of three 10 week projects. Rotation year students take part in twice weekly tutorials delivered by LMCB group leaders and visiting scientists. Towards the end of their rotation year, students select a supervisor and lab to join for their three-year PhD project. Students also attend an annual meeting of the British Society for Cell Biology/Developmental Biology. All are encouraged to take part in the active student social life of the LMCB which includes student evenings and the student retreat, and participate in further opportunities for scientific training, public engagement, social and wellness events.

Scholarship opportunities
Graduate Research Scholarship 
Overseas Research Scholarship
UCL Research Opportunity Scholarship 

Find a complete list of UCL scholarships for prospective and current students here.

I was very grateful for the rotation year, not only for the added year, but also I found out I wanted to do something entirely different than what I had in mind! (Sarah Aldous, Riccio Lab)