LMCB - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

23 July 2019

New publication in Scientific Reports for de Bruin Lab

Artistic representation of histone acetylation profiles

Specific proteins, called histones, are involved in packaging DNA in the cell nucleus, thus affecting the accessibility of genes to be transcribed. Modifications to histones are thought to play a central role in regulating transcription and have been suggested to have an important role in controlling cell cycle regulated transcription.

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10 July 2019

Sir Keir Starmer visits MRC units at UCL

Sir Keir Starmer talks to female scientist

Sir Keir Starmer, Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the EU and MP for Holborn and St Pancras, visited University College London on June 28th to learn about research taking place in two departments funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) – the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL (MRC LHA at UCL

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10 July 2019

Poxvirus nanoscale organization drives infection 

Clusters of binding proteins on individual vaccinia virus particles imaged by super- resolution microscopy

A new study led by scientists at the MRC LMCB at UCL uses Super-resolution microscopy to show that the structure of vaccinia virus, a close relative of smallpox, is intimately linked to its ability to infect cells. 

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05 July 2019

Buzz Baum and Annika Guse discuss EMBO mentoring and shared interests

Buzz Baum and Annika Guse

As part of the career development opportunities offered by the EMBO Young Investigator network, young group leaders can choose an EMBO Member as a mentor.

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19 June 2019

New publication in Journal of Biological Chemistry for Saiardi Lab

cell extracts resolved by gel electrophoresis

Phosphate is a crucially important molecule in life. The Saiardi Lab has created human cells that do not contain any of the collection of small molecules called inositol pyrophosphates. These inositol pyrophosphates were already known to regulate many cellular processes.

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11 June 2019

Zaw Win has been awarded an MSCA Individual Fellowship

Zaw Win head shot

Congrataulations to Zaw Win, from the Baum Lab, who has been awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Individual Fellowship. The two-year funding will allow him to study Ras-ERK signaling dynamics in epithelial cells and how ERK is regulated through mitotic progression.

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05 June 2019

Evolution or revolution? Changing the way science is published and communicated

cartoon representing evolution

In a new article in PLoS Biology, Buzz Baum and Enrico Coen discuss the changing landscape of scientific publishing.

Evolution or revolution? Changing the way science is published and communicated

Abstract from the article:

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21 May 2019

New publication in Journal of Cell Science for Pichaud Lab

Epithelial cells imaged with fluorescence microscope

New publication in Journal of Cell Science by the Pichaud Lab reviews how the small RhoGTPase Cdc42 regulates cell polarity in epithelial cells, which make up most of our organs.

Abstract from the article:

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09 May 2019

New publication in Development for Chubb Lab

Chubb research image - overlapping circles representing cells

New publication in Development for Chubb Lab reveals a cell lineage component to signaling strength and suggests the normal variation in ERK activity does not determine the rate of pluripotency exit.

Abstract from the article:

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03 May 2019

Mafalda Lopes da Silva on her recent paper in Developmental Cell

Artistic representation of CLEM research data

Mafalda Lopes da Silva of the Cutler Lab tell us about her recent publication in Development Cell, where she examined how secretion of the blood clotting factor VWF can be modulated by physiological cues.

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