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28 October 2019

New publication by Baum and Saric Labs in BMC Biology

ESCRT-III is a ubiquitous biological nanomachine that reshapes and cuts cell membranes in a wide range of cellular processes, from vesicle formation, HIV and Ebola release, to cell division.

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10 October 2019

New publication in Developmental Cell for Mao Lab

Computational model of Drosophila wing disc pattern

Multiple tissues in our body, such as the brain, and the gut, are folded structures. Similar to an origami crane emerging from the folds of a paper, all growing tissues must fold in precise positions, at multiple steps during development, to reach the correct 3D adult shape. If these folds do not form in the correct way, the structure and function of the organ will be disrupted.

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04 September 2019

New publication in Development for Pichaud Lab

Drosophila photoreceptors imaged by fluorescence microscope

A new publication in Development for the Pichaud Lab reveals that during development, the small RhoGTPase Cdc42 defines the side of epithelial cells that mediates nutrient (e.g. intestine) or gas (lung) absorption.

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12 August 2019

New publication in Nature Physics for Mao Lab

Example of wound healing in Drosophila

A new publication in Nature Physics by the Mao Lab reveals tissue fluidity promotes epithelial wound healing.

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12 August 2019

Rob Tetley tells us about his recent publication in Nature Physics

Comparison of wound healing in Drosophila wing disc

In a recent publication in Nature Physics, the Mao Lab and colleagues investigated the role of tissue fluidity in promoting epithelial wound healing.  We've asked Rob Tetley to tell us about the research.

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09 August 2019

Taki Nishimura on his recent publication in Molecular Cell

Graphic representation of research

We've asked Taki Nishimura to tell us about his recent publication in Molecular Cell.

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08 August 2019

Visualising membrane organisation at the atomistic level

Graphic representation of plasma membrane

A new study by the Stefan lab and colleagues in Molecular Cell uses quantitative cell biological, lipidomics, and biophysical approaches to reveal how nanoscale lipid organisation ultimately controls dynamic global events taking place at the cell membrane.

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02 August 2019

New review in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta by Nishimura and Stefan

Endoplasmic reticulum imaged with electron microscope

A new review in BBA Molecular and Cellular Biology of Lipids by Taki Nishimura and Chris Stefan discusses specialized ER membrane domains for lipid metabolism and transport, highlighting past a

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31 July 2019

New publication in Journal of Biological Chemistry for Ketteler Lab

Schematic of human ATG4 protease cellular function in protein deconjugation

In all eukaryotic cells, ubiquitin is a major post-translational modification that tags proteins for degradation.

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24 July 2019

LMCB Greeners awarded Gold for their efforts in sustainability

Green team win gold award

On July 18th, the Sustainability Team hosted UCL’s seventh Sustainability Awards ceremony, celebrating the achievements of teams and Green Champions across UCL. Our very own LMCB Greeners picked up a Gold Award for their efforts in promoting sustainability at the LMCB. Their hard work and enthusiasm has had a huge impact on making the LMCB a healthy and sustainable workplace.

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