LMCB - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

20 March

New publication in BMC Biology for Stefan Lab

Phosphoinositide lipids provide spatial landmarks during polarized cell growth and migration. Yet how phosphoinositide gradients are oriented in response to extracellular cues and environmental conditions is not well understood.

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25 February

Review in Current Opinions in Cell Biology by Chris Stefan

In a new review in Current Opinions in Cell Biology, Chris Stefan highlights recent advances in our understanding of the vital roles for ER–PM (endoplasmic reticulum – plasma membrane) contacts in phosphoinositide and calcium signaling and how

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07 February

Tunnacliffe and Chubb TIG Review: What is a transcriptional burst?

The idea that gene activity can be discontinuous will not surprise many biologists – many genes are restricted in when and where they can be expressed. Yet during the past 15 years, a collection of observations compiled under the umbrella term ‘transcriptional bursting’ has received considerable interest.

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06 February

New publication in Developmental Cell for Baum lab

Normal cells in the human body only divide when they need to, but cancer cells keep continuously growing and dividing, even in a tumour packed full of other cells.

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06 February

Helen Matthews tells us about her recent publication in Dev Cell

Helen Matthews

We have asked Helen Matthews, from the Baum lab, to tell us about her recent publication in Developmental Cell.

What discoveries have led you to your current work?

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04 February

New publication in Developmental Cell for Paluch Lab

In their recent publication in Developmental Cell, the Paluch Lab and colleagues used proteomics to identify key factors controlling actin organisation in mitosis.

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03 February

Prof Alison Lloyd appointed new Director of MRC LMCB at UCL

We are pleased to welcome Alison Lloyd, Professor of Cell Biology, as the new Director of the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology at UCL.

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29 January

New publication in BMC Research Notes for Janos Kriston-Vizi

Microscope image of cells infected with salmonella

In a recent publication in BMC Research Notes, Janos Kriston-Vizi and colleagues establish a quantitative confocal imaging assay to measure endoplasmic reticular expansion resulting from Salmonella infection of host cells.

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24 January

Nargess Khalilgharibi awarded NC3Rs Training Fellowship

Nargess Khalilgharibi

Congratulations to Nargess Khalilgharibi, who has been awarded a NC3Rs Training Fellowship

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15 January

Yanlan Mao awarded 2020 BSCB Women in Cell Biology Early Career Medal

Yanlan Mao

We are delighted to announce Yanlan Mao has been awarded the 2020 BSCB Women in Cell Biology Early Career Medal for her work on the mechanics of tissue development. Congratulations Yanlan!

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