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30 November 2020

Collaborative publication in Nature Communications for Saiardi Lab

cell biology microscope image

The Cantagrel and Saiardi labs describe an early-onset neurodegenerative syndrome caused by loss-of-function mutations in the multiple inositol-polyphosphate phosphatase 1 gene (MINPP1).

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16 October 2020

Feature Article in The Biochemist for Pichaud Lab

model of evolution of human eye

Among the many eyes that have evolved on Earth, the insect compound eye is the most abundant. Its crystal-like lattice structure is a feat of engineering that has evolved over millions of years, and is exquisitely adapted to detect moving objects and discriminate colours. This enables many behaviours, including foraging for food, finding a mate and avoiding predators. 

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25 September 2020

Splitting to differentiate | New Dev Cell publication for Paluch Lab

In the early embryo, cells change fate from a pluripotent state where they have the potential to become any cell type, towards more and more specialised cell types. One such fate transition is exit from naive pluripotency, when cells become receptive to differentiation signals; at the same time, cells rapidly divide to proliferate and increase the size of the embryo.

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17 September 2020

Siân Culley receives RMS Chris Hawes Outreach and Education Award

Sian Culley

The Royal Microscopical Society has named Sian Culley as the recipient of the inaugural Chris Hawes Outreach and Eduction Award. The award recognises those who have made a substantial contribution either to the field of education, or to outreach and public engagement over the course of their career. Congratulations Sian!

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15 September 2020

Obituary | Mary Price

We are extremely saddened by the death of Mary Price, a long-standing and popular member of our technical laboratory support team.  Mary had worked with us at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology at UCL since 2002 and was an exceptionally hard-working member of the team.

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04 September 2020

Interview | Cell scientist to watch – Yanlan Mao

Yanlan Mao is interviewed for the Journal of Cell Science ‘Cell scientists to watch’ series. Read the interview here.

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26 August 2020

New publication in Nature for Baum lab

Immunostaining in yeast cells

As eukaryotic cells divide, the nucleus must be remodelled into two distinct compartments, each encapsulating a single copy of the genome. Eukaryotes have evolved a bewildering range of strategies to achieve this - at one extreme, by disassembling the entire structure as cells begin to divide and reassembling it once division is almost complete.

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07 August 2020

New publication in Science for Baum lab

cell division immunostaining
Many archaea use ESCRT-III to divide, but how is it controlled? In a new publication in Science, the Baum lab shows that the proteasome, which is conserved in both eukaryotes and archaea, is key to the process.

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05 August 2020

Yanlan Mao awarded 2021 RMS Life Sciences Medal

Yanlan Mao has been awarded the 2021 Royal Microscopical Society Life Sciences Medal, in recognition of her contribution to our understanding of how cells and tissues are shaped and organised during the developmental process. 

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17 July 2020

Greeners Team win GOLD in 2020 UCL Sustainability Awards

People standing around table

Congratulations to the Greeners Team, for their continuining outstanding effort in promoting sustainability and environmental awareness at the LMCB.

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