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23 February 2021

New publication in Cell Reports for Riccio Lab

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Neurons are one of the most specialised cell types in an organism. They have the main role of connecting to each other (eg. in our brain) or to other tissues (eg. our muscles). To reach their targets, neurons grow long cellular extensions, the dendrites and the axon, that have specific functions and rely on the expression of distinct proteins.

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17 February 2021

Review in Open Biology for Khalilgharibi and Mao

Schematic cartoon of basement membrane

What role does the basement membrane of epithelial and endothelial tissues play in tissue development, homeostasis and disease?

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08 February 2021

Publication in Cardiology Research for Kriston-Vizi and Ketteler


A new study by Kalkhoran et al, published in Cardiology Research, shows hydralazine, a drug used to treat patients with hypertension and chronic heart failure, can reduce heart attack size and heart muscle cell death by inhibiting mitochondrial fission. 

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20 January 2021

New publication in Viruses for Marsh and Henriques Labs

A new study by the Henriques and Marsh Labs, published in Viruses, uses super-resolution imaging to study how HIV binding triggers changes in CD4 organisation at the plasma membrane. 

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16 December 2020

Applications to the LMCB Molecular Cell Biology PhD Programme are open

Applications to the LMCB Molecular Cell Biology PhD Programme for 2021 entry are OPEN. For futher information, look here

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14 December 2020

Giulia Paci awarded EMBO Fellowship

We are delighted to announce Giulia Paci has been awarded an EMBO Fellowship. 

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14 December 2020

Rob de Bruin appointed new Faculty of Life Sciences Vice-Dean of EDI

We are delighted to announce Rob de Bruin has been appointed the new UCL Faculty of Life Sciences Vice-Dean of EDI.

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11 December 2020

Agathe Chaigne awarded inaugural BSCB Postdoctoral Researcher Medal

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We are delighted to announce Agathe Chaigne has been awarded the inaugural BSCB Postdoctoral Researcher Medal, for her work on the role of cell division in fate transitions, using mouse embryonic stem cells.

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01 December 2020

Andela Saric is selected as EMBO Young Investigator 2020

Andela Saric

We are delighted to announce Andela Saric has been selected as EMBO Young Investigator.

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30 November 2020

Collaborative publication in Nature Communications for Saiardi Lab


The Jessen (Fribourg University, Germany) and Saiardi labs develop an innovative protocol, coupling capillary eletrophoresis (CE) with electrospray ionization mass spectroscopy (ESI-MS), to analyze complex mixtures of inositol phosphates and inositor pyrophosphates.

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