LMCB - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

09 June 2017

Publication in Current Biology for the Chubb Lab

Graphic representation of single cell transcript variability

Generation of Single-Cell Transcript Variability by Repression.
Antolovic et al, Current Biology, DOI 10.1016/j.cub.2017.05.028

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24 May 2017

Publication in Nature Cell Biology for Paluch Lab

Paluch lab research image accompanying Nature Cell Biology article

Actin cortex architecture regulates cell surface tension.
Chugh et al, Nature Cell Biology, DOI 10.1038/ncb3525

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20 April 2017

Virusmapper: Open Source software for single particle analysis

Graphic representation of virusmapper software

Open-source Single-particle Analysis for Super-resolution Microscopy with VirusMapper
Gray et al, JoVE, DOI 10.3791/55471

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06 January 2017

BSCB Hooke Medal awarded to Ewa Paluch

Ewa Paluch 2017 Hooke Medal Winner

Ewa has been awarded the prestigious Hooke Medal by the British Society of Cell Biology (BSCB) for 2017. The Hooke Medal is awarded once a year by the BSCB and is given to an emerging leader in Cell Biology. The BSCB awarded Ewa the Hooke Medal in recognition of her outstanding contributions in cellular biophysics.

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03 January 2017

L’Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Fellowship awarded to Sophie Acton

Sophie Acton L'Oreal UNESCO Women in Science Fellowship award ceremony

The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science programme aims to support and help increase the number of women working in sciences.

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