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15 March 2019

LEGO-powered cutting-edge microscopy

Scientist in microscopy development lab

You might expect to find LEGO scattered all over a child’s bedroom floor. Instead, researchers have used it to create a low-cost, automated method for fluorescence microscopy. 

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08 March 2019

Hamish Crerar on his recent publication in Neuron

Hamish Cremar head shot

Prior to completing an undergraduate degree in Molecular Genetics at the University of Edinburgh, Hamish Crerar had always been interested in Biology. After working in a research laboratory, first as a student and then as a research assistant, he decided that a future as a scientist was for him.

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07 March 2019

Using a data-integrated cell to identify new genes related to cancer

Graphic research image

Publication in Nature Communications for the Ketteler Lab in collaboration with the Przulj Lab proposes a data-driven integrated model of the cell to identify new genes related to cancer.

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14 February 2019

Maria Duda and Natalie Kirkland on their recent publication in Developmental Cell

Wound healing in fruit fly wing disc

Maria Duda and Natalie Kirkland of the Mao Lab tell us about their recent publication in Developmental Cell, where they revealed a role for Myosin II in preserving the shape of tissues under mechanical stress.

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13 February 2019

A new AI toolkit to define host-pathogen interactions

An impression of a deep neural network attention map, trained to detect a host- pathogen interaction phenotype superimposed on a micrograph of Toxoplasma gondii

A new publication in eLife for the Mercer Lab in collaboration with the Frickel Lab at The Francis Crick Institute deploys HRMAn, an Artificial Intelligence driven pipeline for detection and analysis of host-pathogen interactions.

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01 February 2019

Alex Agrotis on his recent publication examining ATG4 isoform redundancy in autophagy

Scientist wearing lab coat in lab
We've asked Alex Agrotis from the Ketteler Lab to tell us about his recent publication in Autophagy.
What were you trying to understand?
Autophagy means 'self-eating'. It is the process by which cells create small vesicles called autophagosomes to engulf and digest their own contents.

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29 January 2019

NanoJ: A unique and comprehensive open-source toolkit for super-resolution microscopy.

Graphic representation of super resolution approaches
New publication for the Henriques, Mercer and Baum labs describes a unique and comprehensive open-source toolkit for super-resolution microscopy.
Abstract from the article:
Super-resolution mic

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28 January 2019

Uncovering a role for Myosin II in maintenance of tissue integrity

Fluorescent cells in fruit fly wing disc
New publication for the Mao Lab in Developmental Cell uncovers a role for Myosin II in preserving the shape of tissues under mechanical stress.
Abstract from the article:

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21 January 2019

Examining ATG4 isoform redundancy in mammalian autophagy

CLEM research image
New publication for the Ketteler Lab examines ATG4 isoform redundancy to gain insight into its role in mammalian autophagy.
Abstract from the article:

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