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30 November 2021

New collaborative publication for Saiardi Lab in Cell Reports

New collaborative publication in Cell Report for the Saiardi Lab, Javier Jiménez and Samuel Bru (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya). The work describes the biochemical identification and characterisation of the first mammalian enzyme responsible for inorganic polyphosphate (polyP) processing.

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17 November 2021

New publication in Advances in Biological Regulation for Saiardi Lab

In their new publication in Advances in Biological Regulation, the Saiardi Lab reveal an unforeseen complexity in the inositol pyrophosphate metabolism of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum.

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08 November 2021

New collaborative publication for Saiardi Lab


New collaborative publication in Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English for the Saiardi Lab.

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05 November 2021

New collaborative publication in mBio for the Saiardi Lab

A new publication in mBio for the Saiardi Lab, in collaboration with Brian Mantilla (Durham University) and Roberto Docampo (Univ

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02 November 2021

New publication in Biochem J for Ketteler Lab

In a new publication in Biochemical Journal, the Ketteler lab and colleagues at Eisai investigate the role of de-ubiquitinating enzyme USP30

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18 October 2021

Inaugurual Y-NET Symposium

Y-Neet symposium logo

The inaugurual Y-NET Symposium - the Young Researchers Neuronal Epigenetics and Transcription Symposium - was held on 1st October 2021 and was judged by all to be a great success! Y-NET was attended by 179 participants from 71 different institutes distributed in 26 countries world-wide, and all with no technical glitches! 

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04 October 2021

Kriston-Vizi | Technology Networks Analysis & Separations interview

In an article published in Technology Networks, Analysis and Separation, which explores screening strategies used in drug discovery, Janos Kriston-Vizi discusses the merits of high content screening.

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23 September 2021

Review in Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology for Luigi Aloia

In his review in Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, Luigi Aloia discusses the link between liver spatial geometry and the tissue's extraordinary regenerative capacity.
Article abstract:
The ad

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20 September 2021

Publication in iScience for Acton lab and colleagues

In their recent publication in iScience, the Acton lab and colleagues show that the glycoprotein podoplanin drives differentiation and amoeboid invastion in melanoma.

Article abstract:

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15 September 2021

Review in Nature Reviews Mol Cell Biol - Cell cycle control in cancer

In their review article published in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, Helen Matthews (University of Sheffield), Cosetta Bertolli and Rob de Bruin discuss cell cycle control in cancer.

Article abstract:

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