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07 Aug 2020

New publication in Science for Baum lab

cell division immunostaining
Many archaea use ESCRT-III to divide, but how is it controlled? In a new publication in Science, the Baum lab shows that the proteasome, which is conserved in both eukaryotes and archaea, is key to the process.

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05 Aug 2020

Yanlan Mao awarded 2021 RMS Life Sciences Medal

Yanlan Mao has been awarded the 2021 Royal Microscopical Society Life Sciences Medal, in recognition of her contribution to our understanding of how cells and tissues are shaped and organised during the developmental process. 

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17 Jul 2020

Greeners Team win GOLD in 2020 UCL Sustainability Awards

People standing around table

Congratulations to the Greeners Team, for their continuining outstanding effort in promoting sustainability and environmental awareness at the LMCB.

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15 Jul 2020

New publication in Nature Communications for de Bruin lab


In order for a cell to proliferate with fidelity, it must cycle through two non-overlapping events - replication of the genomic DNA during S phase and the segregation of the duplicated DNA into two genetically identical daughter cells during M phase. DNA replication is tightly regulated during S-phase. S-phase length is determined by DNA synthesis rate, but what controls or limits the DNA replic

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15 Jun 2020

New publication in Molecular Biology of the Cell for Pichaud Lab

journal cover

The shape of cells determines the shape and function of organs.  However, how cell shape is controlled is not well understood.

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05 Jun 2020

New publication in Current Biology for Baum and Henriques labs

Why try to image live cell divisions in the hyperthermophile Sulfolobus at 75°C? There are several reasons for wanting to do so. First, many cell biological processes previously thought to be unique to eukaryotes are present in a simplified form in TACK archaea (which include the archaeon Sulfolobus) – making this an excellent system in which to study how they work. This includes ESCRT-III and

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05 Jun 2020

Ready to open for UCL's return-to-work pilot

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20 May 2020

New publication in Molecular Biology of the Cell for Baum Lab

The ability of cells to divide along their longitudinal axis is thought to play a key role in maintaining epithelial tissue homeostasis. In a new publication in Molecular Biology of the Cell, Lam and colleagues find that in elongated cells, the ability for mitotic spindles to rotate to their correct orientation is dependent o

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19 May 2020

Natalie Kirkland on her recent publication in Current Biology

In a recent publication in Current Biology, the Mao Lab and colleagues investigated how changes in tissue architecture during growth influence mitotic nuclear migration.  We've asked Natalie Kirkland to tell us about the research.

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18 May 2020

MRC LMCB renews Athena SWAN Gold Award

Athena SWAN Gold Award

We are delighted to announce Athena SWAN has renewed our Gold Award, in recognition of our ongoing commitment to advancing equality, diversity and inclusion. We are the first department at UCL to renew a Gold Award and one of only 3 departments nationwide to be awarded Gold in this round of applications.

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