LMCB - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Interview with Gary Chung

What got you into science?
I did biology for my BSc in Hong Kong and I began my research in the chemical ecology field looking at how biofilms affect the distribution of marine invertebrates.
Tell us about your professional journey to the LMCB
I got my PhD at London Research Institute CRUK studying the formation of the nuclear envelope and then I joined the Stefan lab looking at the function of ER-PM  contact in lipid homeostasis.

What’s keeping you busy in lab these days in the lab? 
Today's talk will be about how ER-PM contact contributes to the formation of apical domain in hepatocytes. 
How and where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully still in academia.
What do you do for fun?  
I do fencing outside work.