Research Programmes in the Faculty of Life Sciences

The Faculty of Life Sciences provides an exciting environment for study and research across the entire spectrum of contemporary biological and medical sciences.  Internationally-recognised scientists running laboratories in individual research departments provide expert teaching and outstanding research training opportunities in all aspects of molecular, cellular and whole organism and population biology.  Collaborations within the faculty and with other UCL faculties and national research bodies extend the traditional subject boundaries to provide exciting new training opportunities in interdisciplinary research areas of strategic importance.  The School of Pharmacy merged with UCL in January 2012 and we now offer research programmes in neuroscience and cardiovascular pharmacology, cancer drug discovery, nanotechnology and medicines development and pharmacy practice and medicines management.

Opportunities for graduate students to work with world-renowned researchers exist in all areas of investigation from basic processes to applied research. The Faculty offers a supportive environment including numerous specialist seminars, workshops and guest lectures.

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