UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


FLS Inaugural Lectures

Inaugural lectures are held to celebrate the success of our newly appointed and newly promoted Professors. They demonstrate how our leading staff are pushing the boundaries of their research within Life Sciences.

The 2020 series of Inaugural Lectures will be published shortly. 

    Past lectures

    A Love of Organic Chemistry can take you in Strange Directions

    Professor Matthew Todd, UCL School of Pharmacy, (12 June 2019)

    A Spin Doctor’s Dynamic View on Relaxation

    Professor Fleming Hansen, Division of Biosciences, (9 May 2019)

    A Glimpse of the Microscopic World

    Professor Joanne Santini, Division of Biosciences, (26 March 2019)

    Ecological Niches and Geographic Distributions

    Professor Richard Pearson, Division of Biosciences, (11 February 2019)

    Private, hidden and overlooked genomes

    Professor Richard Mott, Division of Biosciences (17 October 2018)

    Steroids on the brain

    Professor Jonathan Fry, Division of Biosciences (25 May 2018)

    A Metabolic Pathway of my Own

    Professor Mike Munday, UCL School of Pharmacy (3 May 2018)

    Widening our horizons: interventions to enhance medication safety and public health

    Professor Catherine Whittlesea, UCL School of Pharmacy (14 February 2018)

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Formulating Medicines for Children * (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

    Professor Catherine Tuleu, UCL School of Pharmacy (15 March 2018)

    What is the Unit of Power?

    Professor Simon Gaisford, UCL School of Pharmacy (12 December 2017)

    Exploiting Cancer’s Addiction to Deregulated Cell Cycle Transcription

    Professor Rob de Bruin, LMCB (15 September 2017)

    Medication Safety Research in Big Data Era

    Professor Ian Wong, UCL School of Pharmacy (3 May 2017)