UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


LMCB undergraduate studies

The LMCB is an internationally reknowned centre for cell and tissue biology research. We run several modules and programmes across our areas of expertise.

As our lecturers are active researchers in their fields, they provide students with both background information and also cutting-edge research and primary knowledge of these.


BIOS0006 | Writing and Presenting Bioscience

The BIOS0006 module draws on core information from Year-1 studies in Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience and introduces the skills and techniques needed to communicate well – not only to the scientific community but also to a wider audience. 

BIOS0044 | Laboratory Skills for Biosciences (jointly run with Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Division of Biosciences)

This module will develop the research skills that are required in modern cell biological research and will prepare students for laboratory-based research projects available in years three and four. 

CELL0006 | MSci Investigative Project in Cell Biology (jointly run with Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Division of Biosciences)

This library-based research project for 3rd year MSci Cell Biology students will require students to write an in-depth dissertation in the area of either cell or developmental biology under the supervision of a UCL academic. 

CELL0009 | Integrative Cell Biology (Cell Structure and Function) (jointly run with Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Division of Biosciences)

This is a broad-based cell biology module that aims to introduce students who have taken cell biology in year 1 to a wide range of topics related to the biological functioning of eukaryotic cells and prepare them for more specialised cell biology modules in the third year.

CELL0010 | Integrative Cell Biology (Cell Signalling and Regulation) (jointly run with Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Division of Biosciences)

This module will provide a strong introduction to the principles of cellular regulation and range across molecular and cellular scales. 

CELL0016 | Advanced Molecular Cell Biology

This module concentrates on the key questions and state-of-the-art techniques in modern cell biology. 

CELL0017 | Interdisciplinary Cell Biology

The aim of CELL0017 is to introduce students - with a good grounding in cellular and molecular biology - to the power of cross-disciplinary research. 

CELL0018 | Research Techniques in Cell Biology

Students attend the weekly seminar series CDB and/or in the LMCB and in Term 1 a series of 2-hour workshops on cutting-edge techniques in cell biology.

CELL0019 | MSci in Cell Biology - Extended Research Project

This module comprises an extended research project for 4th year MSci Cell Biology students and is designed to give students a research experience similar to that of a 1st year PhD student.  

PHOL0008 | Cell Signalling in Health and Disease

This module will cover the signalling pathways that regulate distinct cell processes such as such as proliferation, cell:cell communication, motility, differentiation, fertilisation and cell death. 

CELL0022 | Advanced Practical Cell Biology

The module offers hands-on experience of selected laboratory techniques in cell biology with a focus on microscopy, to understand how to apply them to address novel scientific questions and help make the transition from student to scientist.

CELL0024 | Tissue Biology

This module will focus on cutting edge tissue biology research, and the intellectual approach research scientists use to advance their work. 

CELL0026 | Cancer: Cause to Cure

The structure of the module is to link fundamental understanding of what causes cancer to strategies for the prevention and treatment of cancer in the clinic.

CELL0027 | Computational Cell Biophysics

The module is designed to provide students with a conceptual and quantitative understanding of areas of Physics that are relevant to Biology.