UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


LMCB postgraduate studies

The LMCB is an internationally reknowned centre for cell and tissue biology research. We run several modules and programmes across our areas of expertise.

As our lecturers are active researchers in their fields, they provide students with both background information and also cutting-edge research and primary knowledge of these.


MSci Cell Biology (jointly run with Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Division of Biosciences)

The MSci in Cell Biology provides students with an extensive laboratory research experience in Cell Biology (Molecular or Developmental). The programme is principally designed for students who intend to pursue a PhD after they graduate.

MRes Computational Cell Biophysics

This is a new interdisciplinary programme at the intersection between physics and biology. Students will learn how core concepts in physics, maths and computational biology can accelerate cell biology research, and will be equipped with the tools to problem-solve using innovative cross-disciplinary approaches.


CELL0016 | Advanced Molecular Cell Biology

This module concentrates on the key questions and state-of-the-art techniques in modern cell biology. 

There will be a particular emphasis on modern imaging approaches and techniques allowing the monitoring of the dynamics of cellular processes. Contributors include experts in the rapidly growing disciplines of super-resolution microscopy, membrane and cytoskeletal dynamics, and imaging of gene expression in living cells.

The module will also provide an understanding of how key topics in modern cell biology relate to research questions in the field and related disease conditions.

PHOL0008 | Cell Signalling in Health and Disease

All cell processes are regulated by signalling pathways. The correct regulation of cell processes is critical for the development and homeostasis of animals whereas dysregulation of these processes results in diseases as diverse as diabetes, schizophrenia and cancer.

Taking advantage of the outstanding research environment at UCL, this course will consist of a series of lectures and associated journal clubs presented by research scientists of international renown. The lecturers will discuss the signalling pathways that regulate distinct cell processes such as such as proliferation, cell:cell communication, motility, differentiation, fertilisation and cell death.

Each researcher will focus on their own research strengths to present an overview of the field, followed by a presentation of work from their own laboratory. The associated journal club will discuss a recent innovative piece of work related to the research area.