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Useful information and media for staff, the public and patients.

Careers resources

PhD students

There are many opportunities for graduate students at the LMCB and UCL to gain experience that will help in their future careers in research or broader fields. The timeline below provides some information about the sort of courses, internships and fellowships available to students, and when they should be considering these opportunities.

Postdoctoral researchers

There are a number of funding opportunities for postdoctoral researchers to help further their careers and work towards independence. Eligibility for many of these is dependent upon the amount of time spent in research (years post-PhD). The timeline below provides an idea of eligibility for many of these fellowships. Time spent away from research, such as maternity, paternity or adoption leave, is taken into account when considering eligibility.

Academic Promotions Guidelines

The MRC provides an interactive career framework to explore career and funding options for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

Interested in pursuing alternative careers to academic research? We provide regular training workshops for our PhD students and postdocs to explore alternative career paths. A network of LMCB alumnae pursuing alternative careers is available; for more information contact Lucy Newman, Student HR Administrator.

UCL also provides career information and guidance through UCL Careers as well as many courses though their Professional Development Programme. UCL's Teaching and Learning Portal helps develop teaching skills.

ED&I resources

The LMCB recognises that implementation of good practice benefits the Institute and all who work here. LMCB Beacon Activities include providing role models and career events, skills exchange and staff wellbeing. 

Useful resources are listed below:

For the public

Meet our scientists

A journey into cell biology

List of LMCB public engagement activities

LMCB resources

Resources for LMCB staff

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LMCB Sustainability resources

Open Access Publishing

The LMCB is committed to open access publishing of our research. 

Resources for LMCB authors:

Information about REF:

Information about open access policies:

Resources for patients

Researchers at the LMCB are studying a number of severe disorders. They actively engage with patient and family groups in their research in many different ways, including:

  • consultation
  • collaboration
  • sharing recent discoveries
  • providing expertise to patient organisations

Resources for Batten Disease

NCL Resource - gateway for clinicians, families, researchers interested in Batten disease.BATCure - European project focused on developing treatments for Batten disease.Batten Disease Family Association - charity that aims to support families, raise awareness and faciliate research into Batten disease.

Resources for Von Willebrand Disease

Resources for platelet storage disorders

Bleading disease support